Zoom 1::1 Coaching with Sequoia

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Zoom 1::1 Coaching with Sequoia

Relationship and Intimacy zoom coaching with Sequoia, Elite Certified Tantra Educator, author and vitality physician. In these zoom sessions Sequoia will support you with whatever you are dealing with in you relationship and intimacy. While 1::1 coaching is very effective it is important to acknowledge that this coaching is limited to what can be achieved and resolved in the 1 hr session. In order for you to get the most out of the sessions you need to keep coming back, doing the work, and being coachable. This is self driven work that you pull to you. It is not Sequoia's responsibility to fix or resolve issues for you. Her job is to guide you and support your discovery of what works for you and your partner to create the relationship of your dreams for yourself. Whatever you are dealing with please bring it to these sessions so she can get a whole view of the situation. This is slow medicine that will small adjustment over time will have huge longterm transformation.

May your pleasure BE abundant!

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