Creating sacred partnerships that lasts. Spend less time in the therapist's office and more time in the bedroom.


Delicious Love


Welcome to Delicious Love. Thank you for trusting me with your relationship and intimacy journey! In this 90 day program you will learn how to create all that you need to have deep connection and love. 

You will be guided to...

  • Master Tantric yoga practices to feel more love & pleasure
  • Heal in seconds so you can move on to important things
  • Unwind any relationship problems and challenges
  • Communicate needs with authenticity even when its hard
  • Create trust, respect and safety when emotions are high
  • Use breathing practices to strengthen your health, presence and relaxation
  • Discover the keys to unlock sacred partnership with your beloved
  • Non-ejaculatory orgasm and multiple orgasm practices


Weekly private couples coaching

Weekly video training modules

3 Temple sessions for hands on learning with Sequoia



The Infinity Orgasm Method is a technique that combines elements of Tantra yoga, extended orgasm, ejaculation mastery, and multiple orgasms to create a profound and Sacred Experience of eXtasy (S.E.X.). It aims to provide a heightened and extended level of pleasure for both partners involved.

Tantra yoga, a practice rooted in ancient Indian philosophy, focuses on the connection between mind, body, and spirit. It emphasizes the importance of sexual energy and its potential for spiritual growth and awakening. By incorporating Tantric principles, the Infinity Orgasm Method aims to elevate sexual experiences beyond mere physical pleasure.

Ultimately, the goal of the Infinity Orgasm Method is to create a sacred and transcendent sexual encounter that leaves both partners deeply fulfilled and craving more.

Discovering Your Passion for Life | Manifesting the Highest Vibration


Our year long multi-disciplinary mystery school will transform your life, relationships and healing practices.

Come study, practice and get initiated into the alchemical healing arts from around the world. You will be trained in Tantra Yoga, Shamanism, Kabbalah, Full Spectrum Energy Medicine, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Meditation, Breathwork, Crystal healing, and how they relate to modern medicine and wellness.

All genders and sexual identities are welcome and honored here.

12 month course details available upon request.